Find Great Items & Save Loads of Money by Savvy Shopping with the Goodwill Gal

Get your patio or deck all ready for summer and save money doing it by shopping smart at your local Goodwill store.

Goodwill’s latest project is a partnership with WREX13 – a monthly Morning Show segment, hosted by anchor Laura Gibbs,  titled “Savvy Shopping with the Goodwill Gal”. Am I excited about being labeled “The Goodwill Gal”?  You bet!  And I’m even more excited to convey to the public that Goodwill has great items for even greater prices!

I think it’s a misconception that Goodwill just sells old over-used donated items.  SO UNTRUE!  Laura gave me the task this month to find outdoor living items for an exceptional price.  I did just that and had a such a fun time doing it!

At first I was unsure which direction I’d head with the “Outdoor Living” theme I was given.  After all, there is so much to find at Goodwill.  My options were limitless.  I spotted this great patio chair at our Machesney store and couldn’t believe the price or the condition – both outstanding!  So I decided to put together a bright summertime patio sitting area.  Even if you already have a great patio – who doesn’t like to change things up once in a while?  I do – especially if it’s not going to cost me an arm & a leg.

Then, at our Dekalb store, I spotted this fabulous patio bistro table – it matched the chair perfectly!  And can you believe this – it was BRAND NEW – still in the box….and half the price of a brand new table.  I quickly snatched this treasure up.

Then, the mother of all finds – this gorgeous fern/bamboo picnic basket complete with 4 plates, 4 cups, and 4 sets of silverware.  I did a little research online to find out similar baskets sell brand new for $100!  Goodwill was selling this basket for $11.99!  Can you believe it?  I hit gold!

I continued shopping at all of our other Goodwill stores to put the finishing touches on my patio sitting area – constantly finding myself amazed at how much I was saving and what great items I was finding, until I had my complete setup (above photo).  What a fun time I had!

June 1st, Laura was amazed.  In fact, Cyndi the weather girl, even stated she wished she brought her checkbook with her!  The segment went over without a hitch and we all had a fun time.  In the end, we showcased a beautiful patio sitting area all purchased at local Goodwill stores.  The brand new retail price I would have spent on this was a tad over $300.  Goodwill’s price was a mere $80.  I saved over $220!  Now that’s savvy shopping at it’s best! 

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