Top 10 Tips on How to be a Goodwill Savvy Shopper!

Goodwill's top 10 tips on how to be a savvy shopper!

1. Be open-minded –  Keep your eyes open for any surprising deals!  Goodwill inventory is constantly changing – if you hit the jackpot and come across a killer deal or something that you just can’t pass up … go for it!  Goodwill prices are so inexpensive that shoppers can afford to splurge a little bit on unexpected treasures that they find.

2. Look for quality brands – The older you get, the more you realize that inexpensive brands don’t fit as well as brand names like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, or Calvin Klein.  Who cares if your American Eagle shirt cost $50 or $5 – nobody knows but you.  By shopping at Goodwill, you can afford to have a closet full of these amazing brands!

3. Kids – Going with kids shopping anywhere is tricky, but especially tricky at Goodwill since there are so many items and aisles that you will need to go through.  A simple trick is to reward your child for good behavior.  If your child is good throughout your Goodwill treasure hunting experience, reward him/her with a few minutes in the toy aisle.  A $5 toy is well worth a stress-free shopping experience.

4. Know Your Local Goodwill’s Sale Dates – Each Goodwill store has its own specific sale dates and these sales are something you don’t want to miss.  To find that perfect item for $5, that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford is great!  To find it during one of Goodwill’s Dollar Day Sales for $1 is AMAZING!   You can find out the sale dates at your area Goodwill visit

5. Find Ways to Repurpose – Think creatively when you shop at Goodwill.  If you’re looking for a Christmas tree skirt, but come across a tablecloth with a great wintery design that really fits your theme – this might work better than a traditional tree skirt!

6. Shop Often – If you don’t have luck one time while visiting Goodwill, next week you may just find the item you’ve been dying to have.  With new donations coming in every day, Goodwill inventory is constantly changing.

7. Accessories – Goodwill is a GREAT place to purchase accessories for your favorite outfit.  If you have a great new outfit that you just splurged on – don’t forget you’ll need some great accessories. Purses, belts, hats, even jewelry will only cost you a couple dollars – but can be very expensive when purchased brand new!

8. Don’t be Afraid to Experiment – With Goodwill’s great prices, it doesn’t hurt too much to purchase a $5 cardigan sweater then discover that you’re not the sort for cardigans. Also, fashion trends are always changing, and by shopping at Goodwill you can afford to give the trends a try.  You may just find your “new style” at Goodwill.

9. Know What Your Spent Money Goes Toward – Some thrift or resale stores are run for profit.  Goodwill is a non-profit that uses all of the money from our store sales to go toward its programs and training that help people in YOUR local community to better their lives.  Know that your hard earned money is being put toward a great cause.  Area Goodwills now have various posters throughout the store that give you examples of programs that your money helps to fund.

10. Out With the Old; In With the New – Shopping at Goodwill can be addicting.  If your closet eventually gets too cluttered, make it a point to donate one outfit back to Goodwill every time you visit the store to purchase a new outfit.  Donations from the community are what keep Goodwill’s shelves stocked with these great items!  Donating back to Goodwill instead of throwing items away will help keep these items out of area landfills … which are terrible for the Earth and the Earth’s atmosphere.

Follow these 10 simple steps, and you’re sure to become a savvy shopper in no time and see why shopping at Goodwill is a smart thing to do … and FUN!

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