VISTA Farewell to Emma

This Friday marks the last day of Emma’s VISTA year of service, so in typing my farewell to her, I’ll also introduce her to you.


Emma’s “get to know you” responses:

Where are you from?

I moved to the area in 2002 from Wisconsin, so I have lived here for 9 years.

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

I enjoy going to Rock Cut State Park in the summer. I spend the weekends swimming, kayaking, fishing, grilling, and biking throughout the park.

Why did you choose VISTA and your project?

I was inspired to join this project because I think it has a chance to make a real difference in the Rockford community by bringing safe alternative loans to people who need them. I also chose this project because it gave me a chance to use my major (Finance) to gain useful field experience.

Tell us about your project and its projected outcomes.

My project is designed to create small dollar loans that are non-predatory, while offering reasonable interest rates. These loans are safer alternatives to payday loans, and they can help community members who are caught in the payday loan cycle.

What’s the biggest surprise since you started your project?

Goodwill surprised me the most during my VISTA year. Before I started, I only knew Goodwill as a store. I was pleasantly surprised to discover all the initiatives and helpful courses that Goodwill offers people.

Share one tidbit about you that others might find interesting.

I am an avid traveler and have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places across the globe. My favorite places so far are: Australia, Egypt, Spain, England, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, and Morocco.

What are your plans after VISTA?

I will head to law school this fall.

Emma has brought endless laughter and encouragement to the VISTA office during her year. Her dedication to not only her project, but to the projects of her peers, is tough to beat. I will definitely miss her dry sense of humor, her witty remarks on everything from politics to cupcakes, and her great passion for everything she does!

Best wishes for a successful time at law school, Emma!

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About Britta

I am the VITA Services Coordinator at Goodwill, and my focus is on income taxes. When I'm not busy running free income tax assistance sites during the tax season, I'm developing curriculum, working on expansions for tax sites, and planning for the next year's tax season.

One thought on “VISTA Farewell to Emma

  1. Courtney

    Thanks for a great post Britta and thank you Emma for your service to Goodwill and to the Rockford community!


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