VITA’s in Vegas!

This week I am in Vegas… for work. Tough to believe perhaps, so maybe it helps to know I’m in Vegas for IRS training? That probably makes my whole story even less believable, but I’m here for three days to hear about cutting edge new tax law and procedure information. Everything I learn this week will help me to tweak the tax sites for the upcoming tax season, which is great news for you!

There’s something comforting about knowing you are having your taxes prepared by the best tax sites in the area.The training I’m attending this week is just one of many ways that we make sure our VITA sites have the most up to date information, as well as the most streamlined processes in place, for you.

Some people think the tax sites at Goodwill must have something wrong with them because we prepare taxes for no charge! After all, nothing that’s free can be good, right? Wrong. VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) is a program developed by the IRS, and Goodwill has partnered with them to provide this incredible service to communities in Northern Illinois. This partnership allows your income taxes to be prepared for no charge, while ensuring that you receive all the tax credits the IRS will allow for your situation.

If you’d like to learn more about the VITA Program, please click on the link below:,,id=107626,00.html


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About Britta

I am the VITA Services Coordinator at Goodwill, and my focus is on income taxes. When I'm not busy running free income tax assistance sites during the tax season, I'm developing curriculum, working on expansions for tax sites, and planning for the next year's tax season.

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