Project Update: VITA

This week felt a bit chaotic for me at work, so I think that’s a pretty good indicator that great things are happening! While we are still 4 months away from being active in the community at the tax sites, there are a lot of “behind the scenes” activities to keep me busy.

Two big things happened with VITA this week: posting jobs for the upcoming tax season, and attending a scholarship dinner at Northern Illinois University. VITA relies very heavily on dedicated volunteers to make the program a success each tax season, but we also need to hire two people to make sure the tax season is everything you expect it to be: friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and most of all, there for you! (most people might not describe a tax season with those words, but that is what we definitely strive for each tax season… taking the fear and confusion out of taxes, in order to get you the refund you deserve). If you’re interested in applying for either of the positions, please follow this link:

The scholarship dinner took place on Wednesday, and although I didn’t know what to expect, I was very shocked to see a room full of 470 people who were all there to honor the scholarship donors and recipients! Goodwill donated a $2,500 scholarship to NIU, and as part of the partnership with NIU, they are providing a student who can function as a Site Manager for the DeKalb VITA Site. The student hasn’t been picked yet for the Goodwill VITA Scholarship, but as soon as I hear who they select, I’ll introduce them here on the blog so you know who to go talk to at the DeKalb VITA Site during the tax season!

As the new school year begins and we look to our holiday weekend, make sure to save all your receipts for college books that you purchase for this academic year, as well as private K-12 school tuition. These amounts might qualify you for valuable credits on your tax return next year!


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