VISTA Smart Living

I think it’s pretty common knowledge that working in non-profit and/or a government program doesn’t exactly bring in a large amount of money every month. I have a picture up at my desk to remind me that love is greater than money, and I do feel that loving a job is worth far more than any large paycheck. Non-profit work, to me, is about loving to help people, rather than loving to receive a large paycheck.

That being said, there are definitely behaviors that have to go along with smaller paychecks, in order to keep a happy balance in life. One behavior is being financially wise, and while there are many areas in that topic that can be discussed, we’ll go with my favorite: shopping.

Goodwill is a great place to find fun outfits at unbeatable prices, and the Goodwill Gal frequently shows how much money can be saved by purchasing items at Goodwill rather than a name-brand store. As a person who wants to be financially wise with their paychecks (and really, who doesn’t?), I’ve enjoyed putting some neat work outfits together from the Goodwill clothing racks. Take a look:


Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT, $3.99 (compare to $59.50)

Top: Banana Republic, $3.99 (compare to $39.50)

Cardigan: Banana Republic, $3.99 (compare to $59)

Saving over $145 on one outfit definitely helps keep my finances in check. What have you found at Goodwill lately?

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