New Office!

It’s official: we’ve moved! I happen to love moving, whether it’s personal or business related, for many reasons.

– New office means windows, sunshine, and a new appreciation for flies in the office (if there are a few little flying critters, that must mean there are windows that open!)

– New layout means more peace and quiet (we used to have 5 of us in one office!), more places to explore, and more areas to fill with new programs.

– New location means a new name (Goodwill Mission Services Center), a new mission (Goodwill creates opportunities for individuals with barriers to enhance their lives.), and a new professional outlook across the organization.

I also learned a few things in this move.

– We have an amazing pizza place close by that delivers (Pino’s on Main), and I have to admit that I have now had it twice (!!) since we moved here on Friday.

– I have a new appreciation for my vehicle. I drive a minivan, and I thought it might be nice to get a little sporty car… until I saw what my van is capable of with moving. Who knew my van could fit 4 printers, 20 laptops, 3 shredders, a computer chair, bookshelf, computer, and 10 other miscellaneous bins?

I think you’ll greatly enjoy our new layout at Goodwill – once we’re all set up, make sure to come check us out!

Our new address:

615 N Longwood St

Rockford, IL 61107


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