Exceptional Employees

By the end of this week, I’ll be able to add a new line to my resume: interviewing people! (and hopefully HIRING people!) I’ve sat on the interviewee side of the table many times, whether with one person or with five people all firing questions and situations at me. In the past, I’ve really enjoyed going to interviews – it’s our one time to really showcase our skills and passions without seeming too arrogant or over-confident. I know how critical it is to have exceptional employees in any business, but I don’t think I realized how difficult it is to find exceptional employees to hire.

My dad sends me helpful e-mails quite frequently, and they tend to have links to great articles that have helped me in the workplace, such as this one: What Makes an Exceptional Employee. As I spend time interviewing candidates for the VITA Program, I need to remember to look for the qualities of an exceptional employee. Are the people I’m hiring unique, focused, and adaptable? Do they praise in public and complain in private? Do they have social smarts and an urge to tinker with the status quo? Perhaps more importantly, do I exhibit all those qualities in the workplace? Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the daily work grind and to lose our vision and goals, but I challenge you (and myself) to not lose that spark that made us spectacular people in our interviews “way back when”; don’t lose your exceptional self to the unavoidable wear and tear of the workplace.

What have you done lately to make sure you’re an exceptional employee and example in your workplace?

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