123 sale

I’ve been at Goodwill for well over a year now, and I have to sheepishly admit that until a week ago, I had never been to a 123 sale. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a sale at Goodwill where all clothing items are just $1.23 per item! I had such a blast picking out some fun pieces to make new outfits with, and I loved knowing that I wasn’t going to blow my shopping budget. If you haven’t been to a 123 sale yet, make sure to check out this link to find the next one near you:



Things I kept in mind while I shopped:

  1. Even though items are just $1.23, it doesn’t hurt to try them on just to make sure they fit right.
  2. There’s no better time than this sale to pick up random items for family or friends. Keep a mental list of what brands and sizes your family members like, and if you see something at the 123 sale, pick it up! If they don’t care for the item, re-donate it without feeling like you broke the bank. My two unbelievable finds were a Coldwater Creek sweater for my mother (regular price is $59.95) and a Banana Republic silk shirt for my sister (regular price is $69.50).
  3. Pick up pieces that will boost your current wardrobe, rather than starting a whole new wardrobe. My photos show just a few of the many casual outfits that can be made from purchasing 4 items at the 123 sale.

I bought the t-shirt and three skirts at the sale, and then layered the shirt to make fun ensembles. With a few key layering pieces or scarves, you can make countless outfits with your fabulous finds at the Goodwill sales!

IMG_1154 IMG_1159 IMG_1163

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