income tax readiness checklist

I’ve had a lot of taxpayer phone calls lately at work, and it’s exciting to realize that income tax season starts next month! If you find yourself scrambling at tax time, trying to find those papers you saw in the mail “way back when”, you can breathe a bit easier. Today’s post has a income tax readiness checklist for you to stick on your fridge or bulletin board, so you won’t have to feel frantic when the tax season starts. A little bit of work ahead of time will save you a lot of headache at tax time.

The holidays are a great time to round up your tax papers that don’t come in the mail, such as social security card for every family member listed on your tax return. Many college students keep their social security cards at school, so when they’re coming home for the holidays, make sure they remember to bring their card for you to have at tax time.

If you need a copy of a prior year tax return for any reason, you have two options:

1. Call your tax preparer to obtain a copy (some may charge for this service)

2. Call the IRS to request a copy (there is a fee for this service)

Make sure to keep your tax returns in a safe location each year – you never know when you might need a copy.

client checklist for blog

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