Goodwill on Pinterest

Are any of you into Pinterest? If not, you should be. It’s somewhat of an online bulletin board community, all with photos, and I’m addicted to it. The ideas people share are so smart and creative, and if you’re looking for some fun projects or ways to kill time on your holiday break from school or work, I highly recommend signing up at

My pinterest page looked like this tonight:


My search for Goodwill gave me a ton of results! One project on my weekend list is to make the sweater pillows shown in the results above (click here for instructions). Rockford’s Goodwill store on State Street has a 1/2 off sale tomorrow (Friday the 9th), so if you have time, buzz on over there to pick up sweaters to make some pillows. They’re a great holiday gift idea, and they can be easily customized for each person on your gift list!

2 thoughts on “Goodwill on Pinterest

  1. Goodwill Duluth

    This is a great idea. Coming up with creative, crafty ways to repurpose Goodwill finds fits so well with our reuse and recycling mission! I’m going to sign up for a Pinterest account right away. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!


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