Baby, it’s cold outside! The weather has been a bit funky lately… some rain, some snow, some sunshine, and it’s hard to know really how to dress in layers most days. Thank goodness for you (and me!), Goodwill has tons of cute coats to pick from so that you can be set for any kind of weather without killing your pocketbook. Dare to be a bit edgy this week: check out Goodwill’s many sales and pick up a brightly designed coat to wear to your holiday gatherings. (DeKalb, Freeport, Rockford, and Sterling all happen to have great sales on the calendar this week!)

A few tips for you when shopping for a coat:

1. I’ve said this before, and I really stand by it for all my shopping: don’t build a new wardrobe… build on the one you currently have. The coats I have below all go with scarves, boots, and gloves from my own collection. You can find funky designs that will really shine with accessories you already own.

2. If a coat is cute but missing a little extra spunk, change the buttons! I turned a boring green spring rain coat into a great piece when I picked up some new buttons to match my favorite umbrella.

4. Change the accessories to get more wear out of your coats. A black scarf with black gloves could easily change any of the coats below into a fancier look for not much extra money.

Happy Goodwill shopping this week, and Happy Holidays!


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