What is Goodwill? Part 1: Retail

A recent conversation led me to ask myself this question… “What is Goodwill?”. I can quite easily rattle off an amazing list of what Goodwill is (of course, right? Surely it’s some unspoken employee requirement to know these things) but can you? I don’t at all mean it in a competitive sense, but if someone walked up to you and asked “What is Goodwill?”, what would you say? Most people respond with one or all of these:

1. Clothes

2. Furniture

3. Used “stuff”

While those answers are very correct, they’re not even touching the tip of the iceberg for what Goodwill is. On the retail store side, Goodwill not only sells clothes, furniture, and used “stuff”, but they also sell new goods. Many Goodwill stores also sell new Target clothing and housewares. You can ask your local Goodwill what day they put out new Target goods, and you’ll be surprised at what you find! Items you may have seen on the racks at Target a couple weeks ago may very well be on your Goodwill’s racks today.

The stores also sell new kitchen goods, such as spices, laundry soap, brooms, washrags, and plastic containers. Looking for a specific kitchen small appliance? Check Goodwill first – the stores have all kinds of gadgets, and some are still new in the box. Some of the incredible finds I’ve seen on the shelves have been: a Tassimo one cup coffee maker, KitchenAid toaster, Pampered Chef cheese grinder and food chopper, Brita water pitcher, and new sets of dishes from Target.

Other good retail finds at Goodwill: missing pieces from an old Corelle or Pyrex set? Look for them on the dish rack at the store. How about an old game from your childhood? Chances are you’ll find it at Goodwill… Trivial Pursuit extra card decks, different versions of Boggle, and even a solid Scrabble set (have you caught on to the latest craze in games yet? Words With Friends has nothing on a traditional game of Scrabble with your friends or family!) are frequent finds at the stores.

Save yourself some money next time you’re out running errands and put Goodwill at the top of your shopping list!

Next week: What is Goodwill? Part 2: Mission Services

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