Tax Season Progress Tracker: Week 4

This week was one for the books at the tax sites. I think I received some of the harshest criticisms, but also the kindest praises… Such is the way of taxes! Tax-time is a high stress time of year, and it brings out attitudes that we can’t always anticipate. Asking questions is a great way to combat the stress and uncertainty of taxes. Our volunteers are always happy to explain each and every line on your tax return, and they can tell you why numbers change and how to plan a bit for the next time you do taxes. We don’t have hidden fees or questionable agendas – we just love to do taxes for no charge. Let us help make sense of your papers and numbers at your tax appointment, and I know you’ll walk away feeling like you can breathe a bit easier.


Goal: 1,100 tax returns

Completed this week: 167

Current total: 420



One thought on “Tax Season Progress Tracker: Week 4

  1. Julie

    I SO wish I was there, volunteering for VITA again this year! It’s just amazing to be there when you find out how 30 minutes of your tax help is going to change someone’s life for the whole year. Hello to all the amazing volunteers and keep up the good work!


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