Monday Mobile Videos

This week we have two mobile tax sites! Today, Anna and I went to Rock Valley College’s downtown location. I’ll give you time to let that digest… okay, yep, they really do have a location in downtown Rockford.  It’s located in Stewart Square on State Street, and it’s RVC’s Learning and Opportunity Center. They have some wonderful course offerings, and you can check out more information here:

We prepared quite a few tax returns, although the nasty weather did slow things down a smidge. We can’t thank the staff enough for their gracious hospitality!

We were excited to have quite a few repeat customers tonight, and one of them shared her story with us, and we’d love to share it with you. The thought of taxes is very emotionless and boring, but when it’s paired with touching stories, a refund is no longer just a number… it’s a life changer.

I’d also like to highlight Anna a bit in tonight’s video post. She’s a fabulous co-worker and friend of mine, and she has been to every mobile tax site with me this season. Her cheerful and encouraging attitude, combined with her incredible attention to detail, makes her an amazing co-worker to have on the road. I should also add that she’s quite the comedian, and always has laughter to share, as shown in our less than serious videos from mobile taxes on the road!

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