Tax Season Progress Tracker: Week 6

The words above have been my thoughts this week. Our tax team had a short break from the mobile sites, and I can’t believe how great it felt to catch up on the paperwork and clutter in my mind and office. I’m learning to enjoy little breaks when I can get them, because I know they don’t last long. As we head into March at the tax sites, we’ll start to see people who need help with taxes from earlier years. Some people haven’t filed returns yet, and others need help fixing mistakes on returns. If you haven’t filed your taxes for the past few years, check out this recent article from CNN Money. Any refund, large or small, can help pay bills and boost a savings account. If you’re not up to date on your taxes, we can help you!

Our focus for mobile sites in March is local library branches. We’ll be at the NSLD branches in Loves Park and Roscoe in March, as well as the Rockford Montague branch this coming Friday.


Goal: 1,100 tax returns

Completed this week: 117

Current total: 669


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