The End Result

What do you see as the end result of your hard work? This week, I saw a lot of numbers! Total tax returns completed by our tax sites this season, total refund amounts, total Earned Income Tax Credit amounts, and so on. I felt like I was living for those numbers and eagerly compared them to last year’s end results. Seeing growth in our program is incredibly encouraging, and it makes all the hard work more than worth it. That all being said though, I asked myself if that was all… was it only for the numbers? Only for the feeling of success as determined by meeting and exceeding goals? Was it for nothing more? 

Thankfully, I was quickly grounded when I thought to the card I had sitting at home. A powerful thank you card from a customer earlier this tax season who took the time out of her day to write a heartfelt letter to us about our tax program, with a portion of it reading as follows:

My husband has Alzheimer’s and can no longer do our taxes. After our appointment last night, I have a great feeling of relief this morning. Thank you for so efficiently and pleasantly solving my problems!

While her situation was unique, her story was not. Her gratitude was echoed by many people this season – people who could not prepare their own taxes for one reason or another, and their stories of gratitude are the true end result. They are our success and our encouragement, and they are the reason we keep doing what we do.

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About Britta

I am the VITA Services Coordinator at Goodwill, and my focus is on income taxes. When I'm not busy running free income tax assistance sites during the tax season, I'm developing curriculum, working on expansions for tax sites, and planning for the next year's tax season.

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