While Spring Cleaning – Think Green & Donate!

Spring is here and a lot of people typically have spring cleaning on their minds.  This year, be green while cleaning out those closets & cupboards. Instead of throwing away these items and adding to area landfills, donate all of your unwanted gently used items to Goodwill.

Not sure what to donate?  Follow the “One-Year Rule”:  Any article of clothing or item not used or worn in one year probably won’t be used or worn again.  Why not allow someone else to enjoy those “new to them” items.  You’ll be helping the earth and individuals with barriers improve their lives. The sale of your donations fund Goodwill’s many programs designed to help members of your very own community.

Did you know, last year Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois kept almost 7.5 million pounds of recyclable items out of area landfills?  We think that’s a lot, but want to do more!

So whether you received a new coffee maker as a gift and aren’t sure what to do with your used, but perfectly good older model or just need to clear out those jeans and sweaters that you keep saying you’re going to wear again … but never do, donate them to Goodwill.  For a list of items that Goodwill accepts, just visit www.goodwillni.org/donate.

You’ll make a difference in not only your closet space, but in the earth and someone’s life.

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