Vacation Outfits by Goodwill

On a fabulous day trip that covered 5 Goodwill stores, I did the impossible… I found nearly all my outfits for my upcoming vacation. Packing for 7 days is no small feat, especially when checked luggage isn’t exactly appreciated by fellow travelers in the group (brothers never seem to understand the need for multiple outfits per day and shoes to match each possible outfit – I don’t get it). For less than $50 (I paid a bit more for most of the items because they were either new with tags and/or name brand), look what I was able to find:

DSC00227 DSC00230 DSC00233 DSC00234

The trick to making these outfits work for a week-long vacation is to mix and match from one main color scheme. Each of the three bottoms can go with all the tops, giving me more options than I need, but still able to fit in a carry on!

When you’re ready to shop for your next vacation, check Goodwill first. I picked up great brands (Gap, Banana Republic, Lands’ End, Ann Taylor, and Merona) to make perfect vacation outfits. Save money on your clothes beforehand, and you’ll have more to spend on souvenirs and tours when you reach your destination!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Outfits by Goodwill

    1. Britta Post author

      Absolutely! Learn what colors speak most to you (I went for coral, chambray, and white), and then go from there. You might have to “Goodwill store hop”, but if you take the items with you as you go, you’ll find a gorgeous (and cheap) collection in no time!


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