Paying to cash paychecks? Read this first.

Are you one of the many people who receive a check from work each week and you pay to cash your check somewhere? Maybe you pay a 5% fee, but that sounds like a good deal, so you think nothing of the cost, because you need the money today. Read this link to see just how much money you’re really paying over the course of a year: Cost of Using a Check Casher. It’s money you earned and really you should be spending it on something better than cashing your check, right? If someone asked you to give them $600 dollars, wouldn’t you tell them no? Then why pay to cash your check? One of the first steps to a great financial future is to open a bank account so you can have your paychecks directly deposited for no charge each week. Next time you find yourself heading to a paycheck cashing spot, change your route and head to a local bank or credit union instead.

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