Budget Lessons From Superheroes


I came across one of the most fascinating blog posts the other day – superheroes and financial tips in the same article? What could possibly be better?? NEFE (National Endowment for Financial Education) has a great website full of resources for bettering your financial situation, and they have great thought-provoking blog posts.

The blog post about superheroes addresses many important things including:

  • Maintaining solid credit while unemployed
  • Budgeting wisely to help during periods of unemployment
  • Setting short and long term financial goals
  • Saving for retirement

Last but definitely not least, the article gives 9 great tips on how to save money at the movies, including:

  • Going to matinee showings rather than evening showings
  • Taking advantage of senior or student discounts (also ask about teacher discounts – many places are offering discounts to teachers, but it’s not always publicized!)
  • Buying tickets on daily deal or group coupon websites (I often find great deals through Groupon, and can get tickets for $4 each when the deals come up.)

For more great tips and superhero/blockbuster reading, click here to read the entire post from NEFE.

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