Work Wardrobe Ideas

Most mornings I open my closet and stare at all the items hanging up, and I groan to myself with the same line “I have nothing to wear… again.” To combat this daily waste of time and mental energy, I decided to pair up my work outfits in themes, so I can work with a few pieces to make many outfits – surely one will appeal to me then!

My black and white themed work wardrobe essentials are:

  • A suit (can be a skirt/blazer or pants/blazer)
  • Denim skirt or pants for casual Fridays
  • Cream or white blouse (can be worn alone or under a blazer)
  • Black sweater (can be worn alone or layered under a blazer)

Notice that you can jazz up the black and white theme by adding a black and white patterned skirt, and the blouse adds texture with the bow and embellishment on the front. To get these same items new, the cost is over $300, and I purchased all these pieces at Goodwill for less than $30 total!

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