This Week at Goodwill

I stopped by the Machesney Park Goodwill store this morning to see what they had for fun dish collections, and I could have stayed all day! There are tons of styles and dishes are a great household accessory. If you have a baby shower, bridal shower, or just a fun dinner party coming up, go “green” and use real dishes that won’t clog up landfills and trash bins. You’re also helping the recycling theme by shopping at Goodwill, so it’s a great way to end your week on a high note!

Get some inspiration from the ideas below, and then make sure to buzz to your local Goodwill store and let your dishes be the talk of the party (did I mention that most dishes are less than $1 per piece??)







My personal favorite is the eclectic pairing of the retro dishes, and I love to throw in funky glasses like the photo above. I think food and beverages are so much more enjoyable when the dishes and glasses are fun. Enjoy your weekend building funky dish settings!



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