Maternity Finds

I was at the Machesney Park Goodwill store the other week and ran into my fellow employee Kat, and I about fell over. As you’ll see in this post, she’s adorably and glowingly pregnant! I love working with her during the tax season, and I’m excited to have a new photo theme for the next few months: maternity clothes at Goodwill. I think each Goodwill store has something that makes it unique, and one of Machesney Park’s perks is that the staff really has an eye for fashion. If you’re up there and need help with an outfit, you won’t have to look far for some great fashion advice. All credit for the outfits goes to Ana, Brandi, and Kat… I was just the very lucky photographer.

IMG_1365  IMG_1369IMG_1371



There’s a great mix of dressier outfits and casual outfits – you can mix and match maternity with regular sizes to create a maternity style all your own!

One thought on “Maternity Finds

  1. mama

    Love the theme, & that you’ll be following her! I like the dark colors best, but all of the outfits look brand new! The staff has good eyes! xx


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