Poverty in America


These stats were released at a conference last week in Washington. The numbers are sobering, and here’s my takeaway from the graph. What’s yours?

  • It’s not “some child in some country” who is struggling. It’s the child your child is playing with after school each day, and oftentimes, it’s us..
  • It’s not “lazy people who don’t want to work”. It’s people who have fought to get a job in our current economy, and they’ve taken pay cuts and jobs outside their talent field, just to make ends almost meet for their family. It’s our coworkers, and oftentimes, it’s us.
  • The public policies listed above aren’t just for people “with nothing better to do in life”. The policies are for people who desperately need that extra boost to raise their household income above the poverty line, leading to safer homes, better food/nutrition, healthcare, quality education, and a connected community. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? By seeking to understand the facts, we can remove the barriers of judgment and condescension and realize that today, it’s not “them”. It’s us.

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