Let’s Go To Work!

Goodwill has a pretty neat program happening in its stores – perhaps you’ve noticed that small toys and figurines are nicely packaged and labeled for sale now in our stores (if you haven’t noticed, it’s safe to say it’s been too long since you’ve been on a Goodwill shopping trip!). These packages are made by Goodwill’s  “Let’s Go To Work” program participants in the communities we serve, and it’s a great way for our mission and retail puzzle pieces to fit together.

One of my friends recently found out about these packages and took her little kids to stock up on these incredible deals – it’s good for the kids and great for the pocketbook (the packages are only 99 cents each!). The packaged toys can be used for children and gifts, but they can also be used for repurposing – take a look:

Real Simple gives instructions on how to repurpose action figures and toys into hooks for hats and other items. Click the image for more information! If you don’t want to make hooks, you can also use the action figures and toys as cake toppers – it’s a lot less expensive than a bakery cake decorating job, and you’re supporting a great program while you’re at it!

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