Budget Tips

I spent some time at the McHenry Goodwill store yesterday talking about budgets with some of the store employees (I also took some pictures of their amazing Halloween items – check back this weekend for a post on their Halloween items for sale!). Budgeting is very important for people of all ages and all income levels, and the concept is very simple: you need more coming in than going out in order to stay financially fit. Here are a few tips as you’re heading into your weekend to help keep your budget on track:

1. Look for small spending leaks. Do you know how much money you spend each month on sodas, snacks, and coffee drinks? Start tracking these seemingly small expenses – you might be surprised at how much you could be putting into savings instead!

2. Do your children throw your grocery budget off when they ask for treats when you’re shopping? Next time you make a grocery list, have them cut out pictures of items you need from the weekly grocery store ad. When you get to the grocery store, they’ll enjoy the “game” of finding their item. You’ll enjoy saving money on a treat they didn’t need!

3. If you enjoy going out on the weekend, try to pack your lunches during the week. Budgeting isn’t about living miserably, but more about being wise and moderate in your lifestyle.

If you need budget assistance or a financial check-up, we have classes to help! Call (815) 965-3795 for more information on our current course offerings.

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