My name is Nicole and I am an Employment Specialist at Goodwill in Rockford. I help people with barriers to employment—such as criminal backgrounds, lack of education or disabilities— find work. I’m brand new to Goodwill’s blog, so I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

I wanted to start writing for the Goodwill blog as a way to share more about what we do on the Mission Services side of things here at Goodwill. A few weeks ago I was on the phone with a representative from my bank and she got really excited when she discovered that I worked for Goodwill. All she could talk about was the great finds she had discovered over the years at Goodwill and her favorite sales like the 1,2,3 Sale. Although that is a part of Goodwill, we are more than just great stores with great deals. When you purchase items at a Goodwill store you are putting money into programs that help people find employment or gain more skills and training.

In future posts I will share success stories with you from Goodwill participants, information on disability awareness and community events, as well as highlight different disabilities that may or may not be familiar to you. I have been writing for years but this is my first endeavor as a blogger so I hope to share some of my experiences and new information with you as well as another side of Goodwill while learning something new myself.

Stay tuned for my first official post later this week!

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