A Day of Caring

Following the United Way Kick off Breakfast, volunteers started showing up at Goodwill in Rockford to participate in the United Way Day of Caring event where local companies donate their time giving back to the community through various projects. Members of Goodwill staff partnered with approximately 20 executive-level employees from Swedish American Hospital to show their support by putting together employment kits and hosting mock interviews to prepare perspective employees for the real deal.

Volunteers worked hard to create 200 employment kits which each include: a hand-written note of encouragement, interviewing tips, community resources, USB drives, portfolios and more helpful resources to prepare any job seeker for their next employment opportunity. The employee kits assembled today will benefit many community members looking for jobs including Goodwill participants, participants from Lydia Urban Academy and the Veterans Administration.

Afterwards volunteers paired up with job seekers to practice interviewing skills in a series of interviews to prepare them for what to expect; walking away with great advice for what to do when their time comes.

Being a part of today’s Day of Caring event was a great opportunity for me, but I also enjoyed watching others in the community get involved as well. The message the volunteers put out today was that it is important, especially in today’s economy when so many people are out of work or struggling to support their families, for the community to come together and provide help in some way; in a moment or a day of caring.

Whether it was my fellow co-workers putting together employment kits or a volunteer from Swedish American helping increase interview skills, the volunteers today dedicated their time to helping fellow members of their community during their time of need and it was incredible! I challenge everyone reading this to do the same; put forth your efforts in some positive way to help someone you know or even a stranger in their time of need so that a day of caring isn’t for one day but for everyday.

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