Coupon Clipping Class: Mark your calendar!

Do you feel your blood pressure rise when you stand in the checkout lane and see how quickly your grocery bill adds up? Do you dread the day when, as luck would have it, you run out of paper towels, laundry soap, and toilet paper all at the same time? Each time I go to the store it seems the price of items I purchase keep increasing, but I’m glad when I can plan ahead and use my greatest tool to combat those prices: coupons!

While extreme couponing may not be possible (I know, just because it’s on TV it does not mean it’s true!), there are great tips and tricks available to help cut your grocery and household item bills. Just in time for holiday shopping, we have a great class that you don’t want to miss! Plan to attend our coupon clipping course on November 8th from 5:30pm to 7pm. Everyone who attends the free class will be entered into a drawing for a couponing prize pack. Call (815) 987-6205 to sign up today.


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