Goodwill Success Story

This week I want to share a success story from one of our participants so that others have the opportunity to be inspired and see what hard work and determination can do.

Matt came to Goodwill in order to participate in the Clerical Skills Training program. After graduating from the class he began working with an employment specialist to find a job, learn interviewing skills, how to better market himself to employers and expand his job search skills. The biggest impression that Matt made on the staff at Goodwill was his eagerness; he came three to four times a week and worked in the open lab, in addition to his meetings with his employment specialist, in order to seek out and apply to new job opportunities.

I have seen a lot of people dedicated to finding a job, but few as determined as Matt.
Having a previous misdemeanor and being diagnosed with a disability such as schizophrenia—limiting functions such as work, interpersonal relations or self-care—would be challenging for many people, but for Matt it was a challenge that he was determined to face head on so that he could become a contributing member of the workforce.

Matt had many job interviews and was finally able to obtain a job at a local manufacturing company this summer. Though he was hired on temporarily, Matt took the job seriously and through his hard work and by showing his reliability and strong work ethic, he was offered a full time position within the organization.

For Matt, “working is a way of life and it feels great to be out in the workforce and making my own money.” Matt was able to resolve some of his bills and can now support himself with the money he earns. He stated that the staff at Goodwill are great and played a large role in enhancing his life. The true success, however, goes to Matt for overcoming the barriers and showing dedication to obtaining his goal.

His is a great success story and he should be proud of it. I look forward to seeing many more like Matt here at Goodwill!

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