Baskets of Hope

It’s a short work week here at Goodwill and many people are getting ready to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. During and leading up to Thanksgiving I know a lot of people who like to talk about what they are thankful for, but for some the holidays can be a very stressful time.

Working with people with disabilities and helping people find employment, I see a lot of people who suffer from stress during this time of year. That is why it was a great opportunity for me to be able to help my participants this year with the Baskets of Hope program sponsored by Love Inc. in Rockford.

Baskets of Hope is an annual food drive put on by many churches through Love Inc. They work together, leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, to collect enough food items such as turkey, ham and all of the traditional side dishes that make dinner complete , so that no family is left out during the holiday.

Families that are signed up for Baskets of Hope get one basket of food for each holiday this season. This is a great help to people out of work struggling to put food on their table everyday, let alone the holidays. For people with kids, toys are included in the Christmas basket so they can have something to open on Christmas Day.

Every week I meet with my participants to help them find work, but I often hear about their personal struggles as well. These struggles can deal with their disability or struggling to make ends meet, which many people can relate to in today’s economy. Helping our participants receive Baskets of Hope this holiday season is just one more way Goodwill creates opportunities for creating opportunities for individuals with barriers to enhance their lives and I am proud to be a part of that.

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