Benefit of Hiring Workers with a Disability

Have you ever found information that makes you stop and think that something just doesn’t add up? While reading a news article today I read that while most people want to support businesses that employ or support people with disabilities, employers are still hesitant to employ people with disabilities.

Personally that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, however, I have faith that employers are starting to “wise up” so to speak and are beginning to realize the potential there is in hiring people with disabilities.
In a publication from The Conference Board, Leveling the Playing Field: Attracting, Engaging and Advancing People with Disabilities, the author outlines the benefits of hiring workers with disabilities.

Important information from the report:

– More than one in ten Americans has at least one disability. This share of the U.S. population is only expected to grow.

– Providing federally required accommodations for disabled employees is not expensive. In fact, in many cases employers had no direct costs.

– People with disabilities and their families represent a population of 54.7 million and earn an estimated $269 billion, representing a significant market in the U.S.

– Eighty-seven percent of consumers agree or strongly agree that they prefer to give their business to companies that employ people with disabilities.

– Employers need to develop improved metrics to further advance the hiring, engagement and promotion of employees with disabilities, including veterans.

-Susanne Bruyere, director of Cornell University’s Employment and Disability Institute and contributing expert to the report, confirmed that “employers also report a number of indirect benefits that can result from hiring employees with disabilities, such as increased overall morale, productivity, safety, interactions with customers, and attendance.”

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