Success Story

This week I want to highlight the success of one of my participants:


Laura came to Goodwill for placement services after working as an interpreter for a hospital for 18 years. She was laid off because times were changing and with the demands of new technology and the computer age. Laura found that she couldn’t keep up since she did not grow up with the knowledge and skills that many young people today do.

When Laura first came to Goodwill and started looking for a job she was taught how to navigate the internet, to increase her typing speed, the basics of working a computer, interview skills, how to apply for a job, how to handle difficult work situations and work readiness skills. Laura has always worked and dedicated her time to family and taking care of others. She quit school after the sixth grade to take care of her family and was concerned about finding another job.

“Goodwill lent me a shoulder when I needed one and was wonderful to me,” said Laura. “My spirits are up again. I was very depressed before and didn’t want to do even the smallest thing. Now I am ready for anything.”

Through Goodwill’s placement services program Laura was able to search for work and had her first job interview. With a lot of hard work and determination Laura found a job working as an interpreter and trainer at the Workforce Connection Center. She is also helping individuals with resumes and the computers in the lab, using the skills taught to her.

“Trust in Goodwill and they will be able to help you find your way. After loosing my job I thought I was going to go crazy; Goodwill is the reason I am working again. They helped me find my purpose.”

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