Success Story

This week I was able to visit one of my participants that recently was placed in one of our retail stores at work and catch her in action. One of the best aspects of my job, personally, is getting to see the impact having a job can have on someone that I have worked with. Here is a little bit of Amanda’s story:


Amanda participated in Goodwill’s Clerical Training and Retail Skills Programs in order to increase her job skills and market herself better to perspective employers. Before coming to Goodwill Amanda had never been employed before, other than in the summer as a babysitter for Rockford residents. To keep herself busy, Amanda has been involved and done volunteer but was looking for something more.

Through Goodwill’s programs, Amanda learned time management skills, interview and job retention skills, how to make a resume and cover letter, how to best present herself at job fairs and how to work in the retail industry. “I love working; I’ve never had a real job before, and working at Goodwill feels great,” said Amanda. “I get along with my co-workers, love interacting with the customers and feeling needed when I can answer their questions—working gives me a sense of independence I didn’t have before.”

Prior to working with Goodwill Amanda had difficulty getting to meetings on time, remembering when she had tasks to due and other responsibilities. She has been working on these skills on her own and with her job placement specialist, but having a job to go to gave her the motivation she needed to succeed.

“I’m able to interact with other peers, learn responsibility and manage my time better,” said Amanda. “Goodwill gave me the opportunity to work when others wouldn’t. My job is awesome and I couldn’t be happier to be working.”

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