Success Story

This week I want to highlight another participant success story. Ashley recently reached her 90-day probation period at her job which means that she successfully completed Goodwill’s Placement Program! It is always exciting, as an Employment Specialist, to see a participant reach their employment goals and to come so far from their first meeting, which is why I like to share their success.

When Ashley was diagnosed with Epilepsy she was told that finding and maintaining competitive employment would be difficult if not impossible. Ashley has seizures and difficulty with following instruction which is why she was told she would need on-the-job coaching in order to be a success at any job she did get. During high school Ashley let this obstacle hold her back after graduating, but with the help of her DRS (Department of Rehabilitation) Counselor and the Epilepsy Foundation, Ashley joined the Goodwill Placement Program with the goal to find employment and contribute to the workforce.

“My Placement Specialist taught me hard work, goal setting and achievement, as well as resume and skill building which helped me find my job,” said Ashley. With the skills that she received and her determination Ashley was able to find a job working as a Crew Member at McDonalds. Ashley was able to learn her job and work with her co-workers without a job coach on site, though she did use her support group as needed.

With her job she said she is able to earn money for herself for the first time, go out more with friends and feel less guilty by taking the burden away from her mom by having to pay for everything. Congratulations Ashley!

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