Sam’s Success Story

For this weeks blog I want to share another success story of my co-worker’s participant, Samantha.

Samantha came to Goodwill seeking help finding a job. Through Goodwill’s Placement Program, Samantha learned resume building, interview skills and job searching skills that enabled her to find employment and succeed in her goals. She learned tips on following up with applications and contacted potential employers in the community.

Samantha is a food service worker at CoCo Key’s Water Resort at the Clocktower Hotel. Samantha is doing well and also secured a second part time job at Culver’s. Samantha learned the jobs very quickly and has inquired about a promotion at the Clocktower. She is able to run the concession stand independently and be accurate with the cash handling and all of the duties.
Samantha is happy and excited to be working at CoCo Keys and Culver’s. She feels good about making extra money and having her own money to do things that she wants to do. She is feeling more independent from her parents.

Before coming to Goodwill, Samantha had been out of work for a year. Now that she is working, Samantha feels more independent and likes having extra money. Having overcome anxiety, depression and other physical limitations that Samantha has been diagnosed with, and thriving in the workforce, Samantha has proven to herself that she is a success!

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